Botox Training Courses

Our fully accredited Botulinum Toxin courses give you the confidence to perform the most well-known and sought after cosmetic treatment – botox! By the end of our Foundation Botox Course, you will know everything you need to know to begin delivering botox treatments to your clients!

We also offer an Advanced Botox Course which will enable you to perform more complex treatments using botulinum toxin, for example brow lift, gummy smiles, smokers lines, nefertiti neck lift and hyperhidrosis.

Welcome to botox boot camp! On this one day foundation Botox training course, you will learn everything you need to know to begin to safely plan and deliver botulinum toxin treatments!

In order to undertake this course, you will need to have a minimum of a level 3 NVQ in Beauty (or equivalent).

Course Content:

  • Pre-study
  • Understanding the anatomy of the face relevant to the treatment
  • Understanding botox and be able to explain relevant concepts to clients
  • Indications for administering
  • Consultation/Informed consent
  • Learn how to store, dilute and administer
  • Understanding how to carefully assess the face and choose the most effective dose
  • Practical hands on live models
  • Learn how to avoid common unpleasing results
  • Learn how to avoid both common and rare side effects
  • Managing side effects
  • Insurance
  • What products to use
  • Prescribers
  • Case studies

This Advanced Botulinum Toxin is perfect for those wanting to further expand their foundation training.

Delegates should be comfortable with the foundation techniques and ready to take their clinical skills to the next level.

Once again, comprehensive demonstrations and in-depth hands-on training by highly experienced practitioners will be provided. More time will be allocated to practice than theory, due to the sheer number of procedures that will be covered. At Aesthetica Cosmetic Training Academy high-quality training is of paramount importance, so 1:1 or small groups and full guidance will be given to make sure you leave our training confident and ready to practice freely.

Course content:

• Injection techniques & dosage

• Anatomy & Physiology overview relevant areas being taught.

• Practical experience on live cosmetic models.

• CPD accredited

• Pre/post Support.


✓ Anyone who has completed Foundation Botulinum Toxin Filler Course.