PROFHILO® is becoming an increasingly popular treatment to improve the texture of the skin, create better skin tone, treat skin laxity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

PROFHILO® counteracts skin laxity in the face through a remodelling action of collagen and elastin fibres of the dermal matrix. Patient/ Clients can expect increased firmness, elasticity and widespread improved quality of the skin.

Aesthetica Cosmetic Training Academy will teach you all you need to know about PROFHILO® – an innovative and revolutionary product for tissue bio-remodelling.

This treatment is an excellent add-on to your aesthetic clinic.

Once again, in-depth hands-on training by highly experienced practitioners will be provided. At Aesthetica Cosmetic Training Academy high-quality training is of paramount importance, so 1:1 or small groups and full guidance will be given to make sure you leave our training confident and ready to practice freely.

Course Content:

• Treatment protocol

• Anatomy & Physiology to the relevant areas being taught.

• Complications & Management.

• Practical experience on live cosmetic models.

• CPD accredited.

• Pre/post Support.


✓ Qualified in dermal fillers

✓ Non-medics- must have a minimum level 3 beauty or equilevant

Anatomy & Physiology with 6 months skin needling or spmu/microblading with a minimum of 6 months 12 months or more spmu or microblading

✓ Medics

✓ Paramedics

✓ Dental Nurses

✓ Dentists


Note: Always check with your insurance before you book on your course.